i sit uncomfortably in my dreams. mathilde grabs my hand as she speaks. i recoil and return to my lodging behind young tree bark. buried deep, my neighbors are few and far between, and they are quiet folk. we find solace in our collective solitude. alone together, we do not feel or act. we think. we dream. we live internally, dancing on the battleground and rushing around the ballroom. a massive space, just for you. leap and scream and sing and release your guttural sobs. complete honesty. to be truth to be reality to be freedom! rejoice
in the dream


my love for you will live on forever in the light that targets your soft eyes and the hummingbirds that swirl around your head and the enduring droplet of water and the bare branches of a tree, with their tremendous strength, and the fruit that falls from the tree as you pass it by. my energy flies from my falling body and fills the air around you. when you feel melancholic and electric, i am near. i love you endlessly

the deepest respect i have ever felt for another being

i don’t have words to describe how deeply i love you. i believe in degrees of soulmates. in sisters separated who spend lifetimes trying to find their family. we will be together again some day. for how long, it doesn’t matter. with god and glory, we are extensions of the infinite. we are sisters from the birth of existence and will be until the universe explodes with the white hot brilliance of eternal beauty.