6/5/17- Cherry Red

as i cross the threshold of adulthood
the pain and dreariness that weighed on every lift and drop of my fragile, young limbs
remains steadfast.
the chest-constricting invisible unknown force that has been
building and building over time is polished and gleaming,
and no matter which what way i fight it, it simply grows stronger.
the ache in my heart has pushed past many layers which will never grow back
and is nearing the surface at record-shattering speed. body-shattering.
don’t breathe, it feels better. but you have to, to live.
is that what you want?
i don’t know.
the reset button was crushed and joined the air a long time ago.
there is no more of that.
it is only forward,
or a cherry red stop.
much brighter, much more vibrant.
incredibly appealing. gorgeous.
enchanting, almost. alluring, certainly.



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