i love my country
because i love its beauty
i love the warmth of the sun
and the chill of the breeze
and the bees buzzing
and junebugs whirring
and the trees rustling
and the ground crunching.
i love the woman who has harsh eyes
and the man who is soft and jubilant
i love the child playing in their backyard
and the mother closing her eyes as she
tilts her head ever-so-slightly back, reveling in
her last sip of wine for the night.
i love the lights of the city
and the glimmer of the town
and the stillness of the wilderness.
the hum of the modern world
and the hum of the natural world.
this is just a selection of land
in which we were born and lived our lives
and those who we came from did, too.
i love my country because it is beautiful

i hate my country
i hate the politics and the games
and the economic turmoil that
causes poverty and hatred
i hate the weapons and the violence
and the cutting jabs and the contorted faces
and the noise and the venom.
it’s not a hum but a shriek.
i hate the strife and the ignorance
and the pain and the indignance
and the social hierarchy
and the corruption.
i hate that there are people so closed
so small
so egocentric
that they will put their insignificant
fleeting existance over the eternity of the land.

humans have created marvelous things
language and cameras and cheesecake and showers
telescopes and rockets and airplanes and lamps.
the human experience should be about creation,
not destruction.
the power we hold is only great because of our numbers
our existence on this planet is only because of our numbers
you are so small
you are nothing to the world
you are a grain of salt that has been
soaked and grinded and burned and blown away
and the single particle that landed on that pebble over there?
that’s you
you ignorant pathetic worm of a man
do not for one second believe you are anything but nothing.

fuck you


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