i love too much to like black coffee

softness and richness are not mutually exclusive
though at this moment
if i had to choose
the gentle and warm and loving and comforting
far outweighs the intriguing and deep
sunlit gardens coax my soul more than moonlit alleys
the dark is when i live
the light is when i love

i love roses too much to revel in their death
and soft kisses more than rough grabs
passion and peace work in cohesion
to create a relational atmosphere
so soothing you could sleep
but so light there is nothing to weigh your eyelids down

writing romantically
rather than staccato
and cutting and jarring and hitting
gutwrenching is easy
we all have the same basic emotional triggers
stabbing is pain and laughing is joy
but to write for beauty
to create a godliness, a heaven in each line
an eden of words

there is so much strife and change and hurt and shock in life
the human experience has no definite reason


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