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it was when i learned the mutual exclusivity of intellect and genius that i stopped trying to be perceived as an intellectual

at day i will finally sparkle in the sun again
and rest my face against the warm skin of your elbow’s cradle
at night you will shimmer in the moon again
and rest your fingertips on my eyelids as your eyes trace the moon’s divots with care
i miss seeing your face when you feel genuine peace
it is the most beautiful you have ever looked to me, which is quite a feat
to rise above the rest of your beauties
you melt and instantly solidify again, in a new state of endless strength. you look as if you are bigger than the world itself. kinder, softer, braver, louder.
and when you speak you speak with the force of tangibility swirling in a hurricane.
you are calm and sensible and bright and chaotic and nervous and confused and inarticulate and cutting and passionate and vacant. the polarity of your soul causes a vacuum that consumes the self; don’t let it take you. but i really don’t think you will.
i am never as illuminated as i am when i’m with you. because you are the sun.
you just shine in your own way. you are the lasting warmth on a rock after sundown.
you burn anything that comes too close.