i know what we are. i know what we can be. 

and to know that only fear stands between us? 

to know that we can endure all 



heartache and yearning. 

to know that we can survive death over and over and 

over again 

but that we’ll never know the depth of our strength?

because we would rather have the appearance of strength than to suffer the pain of a stretch? 

that is what is too much. 

that is what i cannot bear


with every return, a new purpose.

and now i live to work. for a greater love than the intimacy of one soul and one heart’s belonging. for now i am all of yours. take me (but) heed my words

i will not let the beauty of pain sour me. 

i will not let glory overshadow light. 

i will not concede to solidification, to stagnation of policy or humanity. 

i will let the beauty of wholeness soothe me. 

i will let brilliance shine through. 

i will remain with the fluency of spirit and instinct. 

together we love. together we win. 


bits i cannot continue. there is a block.

– – – – – –  – – – – — – – – –

fickle free and flighty girl please share your gift with me
the gift of grace, all strewn in lace, forsaking misery.
my heart, it aches, my heart, it breaks, your glory overtakes me.
i indulge for me, i indulge for thee,
but indulge for three, and it’s far from free.
we roll through meadows of glass
as it cuts and gouges and
penetrates, permeates.
holy light
sweet holy fright
unleash my misery.
it bounds and twirls, swells and furls,
around my sanguine heart.